Production Facility


Plant Capacity

The plant is situated at the edge of the Hawkes bay and is ideally situated to draw water from the aquifer without affecting any other uses. Our bore draws from the aquifer at 65 meters with the pure artesian spring water rising to the surface under its own pressure as a genuine artesian spring.

Alpine drinks has the ability to fill and package sparkling artesian spring water into PET containers as well as still artesian spring water into Bag in Box styled packaging. Our Bag in Box filler can be set up to run 5, 10 or 15ltr Bag in Box, where 10ltr is the most commonly utilised packaged size. The bottle filling line has two packaging options, either LDPE film wrap or corrugated carton wrap.

The close proximity to the Napier port from the Awatoto site ensures that transferring containers to and from port is as efficient and cost effective as possible.


Alpine Drinks has made significant investment in industry best practice filtration and sterilisation systems. Upon entering the production facility directly from the aquifer feed pipe the spring water passes through the following multi stage process to ensure product safety:

1. Filtration and UV Disinfection
2. 1 micron Primary Filter
3. 0.2 micron Nominal Filter
4. UV Disinfection
5. 0.2 micron Absolute (Microbiological) Filter

Alpine Drinks offers two separate process and packaging sterilisation methods which can be utilised either independently or in unison.

1. Ozonisation
2. Nano Silver

Our Journey

Plant Control System and Data Capture

Alpine Drinks is equipped with an industry leading plant process control and data capture system. All critical control points in the filtration and sterilisation system are continuously “live” monitored with all data from the monitoring equipment recorded to a Systems Control And Data Acquisition or SCADA.

System status is shown in real time and on several stop light style beacons placed strategically around the facility so that our manufacturing team can see the system status at a glance from anywhere in the facility.

Industry Leading Technology

Our design philosophy is based on the concept of “engineered quality” rather than administered quality. Should the critical control parameters in our system fail for any reason, they will “fail closed” meaning bottles are prevented from entering the filler. Bottles can only be filled once the system recognises that all the control parameters are back within specification.